The 10 incredible benefits of Palo Santo

Palo Santo is one of the most fragrant woods in the world. Its sweet scent of pine, mint and lemon has been a symbol of healing and good fortune for centuries. Shamans, healers and those seeking a stronger spiritual connection with the world use palo santo to protect, experience and heal.

Here are ten of the incredible benefits of palo santo:

1. Purification, spirituality, energy.

For centuries, the indigenous populations of the Andes have used palo santo for spiritual purification and energy work. When wood is burned, it is believed to remove negative energies and restore tranquility and calm.

2. Lithotherapy and purification.

Burning Palo Santo sticks during a purification ritual will amplify your creativity, your senses and increase your chance of success. Wood can help purify surrounding energies and promote positivity. It is also proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and improve concentration.

Lithotherapy, use palo santo to purify your stones

3. Connections

If meditation is the yin, P alo Santo is the yang. This uplifting scent is the perfect partner for meditation. Raise your vibrations and discover peace and grounding, immersing yourself in a deeper connection with the Earth and your inner consciousness.

Palo Santo is used to treat a wide variety of physical ailments, including colds, flu, anxiety, depression, asthma, bronchitis, headaches, and emotional trauma. Use the oil to relieve arthritis and joint pain with its anti-inflammatory properties.

4. Healing

Palo Santo tea (prepared by simmering the wood in hot water) acts as a natural digestive aid. The oil can be added to soaps, scrubs and lotions to cleanse and moisturize the skin. Wood also contains high concentrations of d-limonene, which is believed to have countless benefits for our body.

Relaxation moment thanks to the soothing effect of Palo Santo

5. Protection

When burned, Palo Santo eliminates negative energies, creating a calmer, more tranquil space. Set an intention about what you want to eliminate from your space, then circulate from one corner of the room to the other.

6. The captivating and purifying scent of palo santo.

Let's talk a little about the incredible and long-lasting smell of Palo Santo. It can be used in kitchens, bedrooms, vehicles and work spaces. A unique scent will emerge in each space and use.

7. Easy to use

Unlike sage , palo santo wood is very easy to transport and is easy to store. Palo Santo sticks can be kept with you. For example, when traveling, it is recommended to purify your hotel room with palo santo before sleeping for a more peaceful and deeper rest.

Meditation with our veegreen white sage

8. Cleanse your stones and crystals

The stones do a lot of the work in removing negative energies. As with us, stones need to be purified to maintain their qualities. Integrating a purification practice every 2 or 3 days for your amethyst, jasper, citrine or other types of stones is the best way to maintain their effectiveness.

9. Calm the mind and mental disorders.

The symptoms and causes of depression, anxiety and sleep disorders are complex. Palo Santo wood does not claim to be healing, but a practice of “smudging” can provide some relief. It is an aromatherapy that releases a calming scent into the olfactory and limbic systems of the body and brain, creating a feeling of relaxation and calm.

10. Eliminate unwanted insects.

Smudging has the added benefit of repelling mosquitoes in a natural, non-harmful way. Palo Santo contains volatile oils and aromatic resins that send an alarm signal to insects, without the harsh chemicals.

About us: 🌿

VEEGREEN is a French brand based in Auvergne and specialized in well-being products such as white sage and palo santo. At VEEGREEN we place the quality of our products and their impact on our planet at the center of our concerns.

Concerned about our environmental impact, our products are rigorously selected and packaged in recyclable kraft cardboard packaging.

We are proud to present our kit composed of 100% natural products from non-intensive agriculture coming from the Californian mountains (United States) for white sage and from Peru for our Palo Santo.

We believe that traditions should be respected and passed on. This is why it is important to us that you understand how these sacred objects work so that you get the best benefits from them.

White sage plant salvia apiana from the Californian mountains

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